Ted Baker It’s All In The Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi everyone,

For Christmas I bought my mum this Ted Baker eyeshadow palette, so today I’m going to swatch it and show you guys wether it’s worth buying or not.

The shades don’t have names that I can see, and there aren’t too many colours to choose from.

I swatched them all on my wrist, and obviously as you can see the pale pinks didn’t show up much on my skin.

The others shades didn’t have much pigmentation and had to be swatched a few times to become vibrant enough to see.

My mum likes her eyeshadows to be subtle, so she’s very happy with the colours, but I personally think that Ted Baker’s makeup isn’t as great as other brands. This is because I don’t really see Ted Baker as a well known makeup brand, more of a fashion and accessories company.

But that’s just my views and I’d love to know what you think!

Leave your comments below and I’ll see you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x


Visiting Godiva’s Chocolate Restaurant.

Hi everyone,

Today I’m talking about my first time at Godiva.

Godiva is a chocolate restaurant where most of the food is made of chocolate, and it all looks like beautiful art.

A few weeks ago I went to their Meadowhall branch for the first time with my mum and here’s how it went…

I ordered a milk chocolate “Iced Chocolate”, this is described as a “blended cold drink made with Godiva chocolate”. I asked a waitress who told me that it was basically just a milkshake, but when it came it tasted just like a blended cold chocolate bar.

It was too much chocolate for me (and I love chocolate!) and didn’t taste like a milkshake at all. You’d have to be a huge fan of rich dark chocolate to enjoy this I think.

My mum ordered a Mocha, and as you can see by the drinks menu, the drinks aren’t cheap.

But I loved the fact they had salted chocolate dispensers on the tables, and that their decor, tables and napkins were good quality!

We also ordered a milk chocolate croissant to share, and I have to admit this was the nicest croissant I’d ever had! We ate it pretty fast…

Finally, we ordered a Sesame Umami which is said to contain Sesame Oil and Soy Sauce…

Me and my mum are always open to trying weird foods, but this was not a good one.

We both had the smallest amount but couldn’t eat anymore! It was just too strong flavoured and had a very specific taste.

Even my mum’s Mocha was just too much.

I was looking forward to it but Godiva just isn’t my type of thing. I’d definitely give it another chance in the future but I wouldn’t order what I ordered last time.

If you’re a big fan of chocolate then you’ll probably love this place, but I’ll give it some time before I return.

Thanks for reading!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

True Touch Pet Brush Glove Review

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my blog!

Today I’m discussing the True Touch glove. I bought this product myself and I am not being paid to discuss this, I just thought that it may be helpful for my fellow pet-owners out there!

You’ve probably seen the True Touch on the TV adverts, so will already know where to pick one up as well as the price range.

This is a product that’s made for removing pet fur like a brush, but it is worn on your hand like a glove.

This way your animals can stay calm and relaxed and feel as though they’re being petted rather than groomed.

It should also be easy to remove the hair after use!

It can be used on all kinds of animals, and luckily I have both a cat with short hair and one with long hair.

Libby, who has short hair, malts quite often. After stroking her with just your hand you’re likely to find fur everywhere, so I found this product extremely useful at picking up her fur.

She also loves being stroked and petted so this was a great way to keep her calm while also getting a job done.

Milo has longer fur so has to be brushed very often with a long-bristled brush.

This product got really deep into his fur and pulled out the knots, even in his tail!

He loved the feeling of being stroked with the glove, and I’d definitely use it again on him!

Overall I think that this is a great invention and I’m surprised that nobody had made this idea sooner!

My cats love it and it was easy to remove the fur afterwards too!

I hope you found this review helpful and that you’ll consider buying this if you have a pet!

See you guys next time,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

What I Bought In The Newlook Black Friday Sales

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I searched the New Look website for some Black Friday deals.

Most of the items that I loved were out of stock or weren’t available in my sizes, but after trawling through the website and store for about an hour or so, I managed to find a few items online and 1 in-store that I loved!

This pink long-sleeved lace bodysuit was £2 in store and was originally £9.99! This is the cheapest item I bought.

This adorable denim jacket with embroidery flowers and a detachable pink fluffy collar was the most expensive item I bought and had the biggest saving. It was £14 in the sale and the original price was £44.99.

These patterned leggings with frilled ends were only £6 but originally were £19.99. This was the riskiest thing I bought as I wasn’t sure wether I liked the fact the length didn’t reach my ankles, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

I bought my first jumpsuit too for £12, down from £29.99!

And finally, this strapless top was £8 instead of £19.99. I tried on the white version in store (which wasn’t in the sale) but it didn’t fit, so I ordered this chestnut colour online once I got home and absolutely love it!

That’s basically everything I got during the Black Friday sales, what did you guys buy?

See you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m reviewing the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch primer and highlighter.

If you read my Blogmas Christmas wish list you’ll know that this was something that I’ve wanted for a while now.

For Christmas, both my mum and my boyfriend Brad’s mum bought this for me, so my mum is going to return the one she bought me and replace it with something else that I can review for you guys!

Depending on where you buy this from, you may get different gift wrapping… (Left is from House of Fraser, right is from Debenhams)

First of all, the primer.

This has Gold glitter inside it and it a see-through gel.

When I applied this, a small amount had great coverage! It did a great job at priming my skin and didn’t feel greasy or heavy at all! I was really pleased with this product.

The highlighter pen has a button on the end. I had to press this quite a few times before it would actually work. I thought that it was broken at first.

Eventually the product came out and I used it on my cheekbones.

After rubbing it in I realised that there was no glitter or shine in the product, but it definitely highlighted my cheeks while still looking natural.

It’s very subtle but makes a difference to an every-day look, rather than going all-out.

Overall, I’m really happy with this product.

Both of the items are very different to what I already own, and I love YSL!

My favourite is the primer…

See you guys next time!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

Makeup Brush Cleaners – Are They Worth It?

Hi everyone!

Welcome to 2018!

Today I’m going to test and review makeup brush cleaners. None of the items were sent to me and I’m not being paid to say this, these are my honest opinions as I bought everything myself.
Obviously it’s important to clean your brushes to stop bacteria but I have to admit Im pretty bad at cleaning them and most of the time it’s too much time and effort to clean every brush.
So I bought a StylPro by Tom Pellerau (£29.99 in Argos and boots), some brush cleaning wipes by Ecotools (£3.99 in Tkmaxx) and a Cleansing Palette by Real Techniques (£12.99 in Boots).

The StylPro comes with a brush-spinner, a cleaning jar, a set of brush holders and cleaning liquid. You put a brush in the brush holder, attach that to the removable end of the spinner, and press the button to turn it on.

To make it a fair test I used 3 dirty brushes for each product…

Here are the results from the StylPro!

The only issues I had with this was that the brush holders weren’t the right size for all of my brushes (some were too big and some were too small) and the removable end would get stuck to the brush holders when I’d try to remove them…

Next are the wipes!

The wipes are pretty much self-explanatory, you wipe away the makeup using your hands. I tend to lay the wipe on a flat surface and rub the brush on top, then afterwards use my hands to wipe the brush to get all the tough bits.

They were really easy to use and a great idea, plus one wipe goes quite a long way! The only issue I had with them is that it takes quite a while and is difficult to get into the deep areas of the bristles.

Finally, the cleaning palette…

This comes like a small bowl with a hand socket to hold it with. I filled the dish with cleaning liquid and scrubbed my brushes along the rubber bristles.

The issue I had with this product is that because of the material, it is very flimsy and flexible. This means that the liquid inside could easily spill over the edges.

Overall I’d say that all of the products work pretty well, none removed 100% of the makeup but maybe if I’d spent more time then they could’ve.

Obviously the wipes are cheaper but the StylPro definitely works faster and makes the job more enjoyable, while the cleansing palette is faster and easier to use!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and remember to keep your brushes clean!

Best wishes ~ Becca

Makeup Revolution Life On The Dance Floor VIP Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi everyone,

This year my best friend Jess bought me the Life on the dance floor VIP eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution for Christmas, so I decided that now would be a great chance to review it!

There are 24 shades, mostly pinks, golds and browns. (All the colours I didn’t previously own!)

I went down each row, from top to bottom – left to right and swatched each colour on my wrist.

Here are the colours Champagne, Dollar, Renown and Security. Because of my skin being so pale, they haven’t shown up very well. But they’ll be great to use when I want a more natural/subtle look!

Superstar, Backstage, Perfection and High Class are all so pretty and festive! They’ll definitely be used for the new year!

Worthy, Notable, Rank and On The Rocks are all Mattes. I can see myself using these for a smokey-eye look.

Celebrity, Paparazzi, Fame and Cocktail are super shiny! These shades match all of my pink outfits and are my favourite colours!

Tycoon, Reputation, On Tab and Influence are quite strong, bold colours. I’ll be using these when I want my eyes to stand out!

Big Shot, Prestige, Prominence and LBD are all quite dark, so again they’ll be used for smokey-eye looks.

Overall I love this palette! There is a great selection of sparkles and mattes, and although I probably won’t use every single colour (..does anyone?) It will definitely be my new go-to palette!

I hope that you guys have an amazing new year, and that you all got everything you wanted for Christmas!

See you guys in 2018!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

Blogmas Day 25 – Christmas Day

Hi Everyone,


Today is my final day of Blogmas, and as you can tell I’ve uploaded this one a day later…

I’m going to show you guys everything I got up to yesterday, my gifts and everything in between!

Obviously this will be my last Blogmas post of the year and I’m so glad to finally have a break after blogging for 25 days straight!

I’ll have another blog out soon, before the new year, and will then continue on with my regular 2-3 a week posts.

Thank you all so much for keeping up with my posts this past month, and now let’s get into my Christmas Day!

I started off the morning opening presents with my family… I got a Michael Kors handbag, a Pandora Charm, 2 YSL primers and highlighters, Photo hanger, Notebook, a Hat, Socks and Bath stuff.

Later in the day I had Christmas dinner with my mum, sister, stepdad and grandad. We all pulled crackers and played music.

The desserts were chocolate mousse pine cones coated in gold dust!

After dinner we cleaned the house, then had a quick game of Nintendo Monopoly.

In the afternoon we had a cheeseboard of all different types of cheeses, then family members came over to our house.

They stayed until late drinking, but I had to come up to bed early because I was just so tired!

That basically summarises my Christmas Day, I hope that you all had a wonderful time!

I can’t believe we have to wait another whole year for the next one!

Thank You so much to everyone who gave me gifts and cards, and to all the people who supported me and read my Blogmas posts this year.

See you guys soon!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

Blogmas Day 24 – My Life In Pictures

Hi everyone,

Today I’m taking a look back over some of my old photos to see how much I’ve changed and try to remember some memories…

Luckily, when I was growing up my dad had a camera and a video recorder so I have so many memories caught on tape!

Obviously we’ll start at the beginning. I was born June 1st 1997.

I was pretty much grumpy, confused or shocked most of the time…

Eventually I became a fashionista and looked fabulous. I knew my aesthetic was going to be pink and white forever.

I took a trip to wales with my cousins, aunt and uncle.

Here’s my cousin trying to bury me in sand and drown me in the sea…And here’s my cousin eating a cookie better than me.

Over time I learnt how to smile..

But then I forgot again….

I moved from Watford to Barnsley and started primary school here. Everyone else had already started and made friends so I was the new kid.

I went shopping with friends for my 11th birthday and even went to Bulgaria.

Obviously I loved life…

In high school I basically just embarrassed myself…

Then me and my best friend at the time became super cool for like 5 minuets during a photoshoot.

Then came prom..

Once I started college I had my hair cut shorter and had a full-fringe.

I got into a relationship with Brad in 2014,

Then started to grow my fringe out.

I also started to promote small clothing brands.

Took too many selfies…

Eventually my mum got married so I was a bridesmaid..

Earlier this year I cut my hair shorter again to get rid of some terrible red home hair dye that was supposed to be non-permanent, but ended up lasting for almost a year and was barely visible.

And I started to attend blogger events as well as do more promotional photo shoots for bigger brands.

Then I grew my hair longer again and dyed it blonde on the ends..

And now I’m here!

Well that was embarrassing and I’m glad to get it out of the way so we can never look at those photos again….

See you guys tomorrow!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

Blogmas Day 23 – Lip Mask

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to Blogmas!

Today I’m talking about the Pucker Up lip mask which was £2 in Tkmaxx.

Tony Moly also have one of these in their range which I’ve also tried. I didn’t notice any difference after using it though, so I hoped that this new one would be better!

It’s supposed to repair and revitalise dry lips and nourish, moisturise, smooth and hydrate.

My lips are always dry, so I had high hopes for this. But really, it was £2 so I got what I paid for I guess…

It says that it should stay on for 15-20 minutes, but after only 10 minutes, it became dry and fell off!

I tried to put it back on but it ripped into two….

My lips feel just as dry, I can even pick the loose skin off and now I have a gross taste in my mouth.

I’m not sure if I just got a faulty product or if my lips weren’t dry enough for it to be a fair test, but the item wasn’t great.

Sorry this blog post is so short, I was hoping that there would be more to talk about for this item but there really isn’t!

See you guys tomorrow for a more interesting Blogmas post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x