Interviewing Rak-Su

Hi everyone,

If you read my previous blog post you’ll know that I recently interviewed Max George. Well in this post I’ll be writing about my interview with Rak-Su. Again, this was set up by Capital FM and Meadowhall Sheffield before their Meadowhall Christmas Live charity concert which they orchestrate each year.

I’m going to be 100% honest and confess that I had heard of Rak-Su maybe once or twice before, and definitely couldn’t have told you which songs they created. I originally didn’t plan on interviewing them but decided that it would be a good idea to find out more about them.

Here’s the scene… Myself and a group of about 6 people enter the interview cabin, Rak-Su are already seated with a couple of chairs in front of them for us to sit on. Nobody had claimed the 2 front row seats so I decided to sit there along with my friend Jess (Who was at the event as my +1 to help with photography, the celebrity interviews were sprung on her last minute so she wasn’t prepared but chose to stick with me anyway).

We are all introduced by the PR team and the band introduce themselves too. From left to right the guys were sat as Mustafa, Myles, Ashley and Jamaal. I watched them watch me and Jess as we came over and sat by them, I wasn’t dressed for interviews with a group of good-looking guys, I was mostly dressed for the concert afterwards.

The interview kicked off with a woman asking the group if they are single as her magazine readers wanted to know. They replied “50% of us are single” Ahsley said “Mus is single, Myles is taken, I’m single an Jamaal is taken”. Someone from behind joked “Just putting it out there..?” And Ashley looked around and embarrassingly laughed about it.

They’re then asked if they originally studied / planned to do anything else with their lives rather than music. Myles says “Me and Ashley were always football. Our dream was to be footballers, we just stumbled into it. We always enjoyed making music but we never thought it was what we wanted to do until Rak-Su was born.” Ash adds “We wrote our first song together when we were 15/16, so its something we would always do but not neccesarily because we thought of it as a career. We just loved it and did it.”

A woman asks if they considered trying Youtube or social media to start their career rather than XFactor. Ash says “We did that! We did radio sets and had videos on youtube, we did all of it but we were just doing it because we loved it not because we had a goal. And then a few years ago we thought we’ve been doing this for so long lets take it seriously and see where it can go.”

They’re asked what football teams they support, Myles says Watford. So I ask “Are you from Watford?”, they say yes, I say “I’m from Watford as well!” Myles says “Sick! Where in Watford?” I reply “Bushey”. We then go on to discuss where in Watford they’re from, their high schools, and one says “She’s from the nice area..”

I ask “Is there any question that you never get asked in an interview but wish you would as you’ve always wanted to answer it?” Almost immediately Ash looks at me then leans into Myles’ ear and whispers something I can’t repeat. Myles then says to Ash “You’re an idiot” and we all laugh about it.. Ash asks me “What question do you think we’ve never been asked but would love to be asked?” I reply “I don’t know… Do you have any pets? I don’t know!”

Mustafa says “I prefer interesting questions” but before he can continue the room bursts out into laughter, Ash shouts “Ooooh shots fired!” Myles jumps in to say “He doesn’t speak for all of us!” as if Mus had accidentally offended me (He hadn’t… I knew what he was trying to say… it was funny though..) Ash asks “Are you blushing Mus?” He gets all flustered and replies “No I just mean like questions you can’t find on google… Do you know what I mean?” I reassured Mus that I knew what he meant to say.

A reporter asks Mus when he first found out that he could beatbox, he says that he went to a competition in 2005 where he first saw beatboxers and copied them. (He originally said 2015 and the guys joked about him getting his years mixed up.)

They’re asked which jobs they would have pursued if they weren’t singers. Ash replied that him and Myles were managers in a recruitment company so they probably would’ve stuck with that. Jamaal says that he would have gone to university to study physiotherapy and Mus says he would love to have owned a hotel.

The questions are concluded and were given the opportunity to take a few photos with the group. As I step up for the photo Ash says “Ayy Miss Watford!” And Myles points out that my accent is Northern and asks which school I attended. So I briefly explained that I haven’t lived in Watford for a long time. I was born and raised there but it’s been a long time since I visited Watford, about 10 years, so I don’t remember the school and we laughed about it.

I thanked them for their time as we were rushed out of the cabin and around the front of the stage to the Press / Photography section in front of the barriers containing the crowd. From here I can see Ash and Jamaal hiding in the wings, dancing along to Tom Zanetti and taking photos of the girl group M.O (Which Ash shared on his Instagram story and I appeared in). I could also see the group hanging around behind the stage before they went on but I wasn’t allowed to walk over due to safety, otherwise I would’ve loved to have spoken to and gotten to know them more.

They came across as a very friendly and cheeky group of friends, I could tell that they definitely had a strong bond by the way they joked with each other. They seem humble, bubbly, hard working and down to earth, with a great sense of “banter”. I must admit I did take a liking to Ash the most because of his confidence and jokes (sorry guys, you’re all great!) and can totally understand why they have such a cult following of female fans. Just FYI ladies, they’re all even more good looking in person, but don’t tell them I said that..

After watching them perform and recognising some of their songs (As well as Myles recognising us in the Press area and singing “You got dem hips like Shakira” in my direction while smiling & pointing) I’ve been listening to their songs on repeat. They’re confident and great performers who really know how to dance and get the crowds going. It was a real pleasure sitting down with them and I won’t be forgetting the experience any time soon.

Check out my instagram, twitter and facebook for videos of their performances as well as the rest of the Meadowhall Christmas Live show.

Thanks for reading,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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