How To Milk Bath Photoshoot

Hi everyone,

It’s been a quite a long while since I blogged (this is my first one this year and it’s now April!!!) I’m not gonna lie it’s just because I couldn’t be bothered, wasn’t interested or motivated and had nothing to talk about.

But now I’m back (for how long who knows…?) to tell you guys about how me and my boyfriend Kyle shot a milk bath photoshoot.

I’d contemplated doing one for a while as I’d seen others take some beautiful shots but didn’t see a reason to until people told me that I just should, so I did, and my post on Instagram got a lot of positive attention so I wanted to share with you all the behind the scenes!

We started by filling my bath normally with warm water, then poured a full 4 pint bottle into the water until it blended and settled. (You can add more or less milk depending on how transparent you want it to be)

I got into the bath while Kyle placed flowers into the milk so that they floated.

And then we shot the photos with my Olympus Pen camera.

Kyle is great with cameras and studied to be a cinematographer for the past 5 years so knew how to take the perfect shots.

That’s really it, pretty much how you’d expect a milk bath to be done. It’s very simple and really fun, if you have the urge to do it you definitely should try!

Thanks for reading, see you again at some point maybe…

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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