Spectrum Brushes Cosmic Collection Deal!

Hi everyone,

Just popping onto the blog to let you guys know about this really great deal I found on the Superdrug website! (This isn’t an ad or PR gifted I just wanted to share this as I’m a big fan of Spectrum Brushes)

On the Superdrug website a set of 10 Spectrum brushes + a holographic bag is currently only £20 in the sale! Usually a set of 10 brushes by Spectrum can cost up to £40 on ASOS!

Their A08 brush (pictured here in the Cosmic Collection, they’re so cute, purple + stars!!!) on it’s own is usually around £5 on the Spectrum website! Some of the brushes in this set are double-ended so you’re also getting 2 brushes in one!

If you’re a fan of good makeup brushes (I have a collection of Spectrum brushes because they’re so good for blending, don’t shed, are vegan and cruelty free, I genuinely recommend them) you should treat yourself or someone you love to this set for Christmas!

Thanks for reading and I’ll let you guys know of any other great deals I come across!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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