Beauty Blender BOUNCE Makeup Range Review – PR Gifted

Hi everyone,

I’ve been hoping to try the Beauty Blender makeup range since I first saw it’s release but never got my hands on any products until today when I was very kindly PR gifted two of their foundations, three of their primers, a highlight, sponge cleanser and of course that iconic pink Beauty Blender sponge which I’ve also never tried before (I’m usually more of a brush person to be totally honest) but found it to be really soft and bouncy compared to other brands’ hard sponges I’ve attempted to use in the past.

Obviously if you’ve been reading my posts for a while now you’ll know that I’m a very visual person rather than a words-person so had to take A LOT of photos and will do a brief writeup for each.

I wanted to give each product a fair test so decided to try the different primers on each different area of my face, starting with the Opal Essence serum primer.

It was quite a thick serum which I applied with a brush onto my cheeks and chin. It dried quite shiny and gave my skin a dewy finish with a lot of coverage and wasn’t at all sticky.

Next I applied The Leveler pore minimising primer in shade Light – Medium to my nose.

The consistency was creamy but felt quite mattifying which I personally don’t like much from my primers but understand that others might so wouldn’t say that it’s an issue.

Finally I used the Selfie Shield dry oil primer on my forehead which dried super quickly as a dry oil should.

I wasn’t sure which foundation shade I would need for my skin tone so chose to use both on different sides of my face, starting with 1.40N.

SIDE NOTE: The bottles are very strange as you hold the sponge on top of the bottle, under the dispenser at an angle and pump it out rather than hold the bottle from above and drip the foundation down onto the applicator as you would with most other foundations. I understand what they were trying to achieve with the design but found that the dispenser and bottle became dirty with foundation very fast.

I applied the foundation with a dabbing motion rather than my usual brush strokes motion and quickly realised just how much coverage a small amount of the product has, a little goes a very long way!

Unfortunately this shade just didn’t match my skin tone so I decided to try the shade 1.50N on the other side.

This was a much better match, the PR company did a great job at guessing my shade, it’s pretty spot-on! I feel that the foundation dried quickly, felt very light & natural on my face and had a nice shine to it. It works great for me personally, I’d even go as far as saying it’s one of the top 5 foundations I’ve tried! I did only use a light layer though..

EDIT: I’ve just looked into the shade range available for these foundations and although there is now quite a few options, there was once a distinct lack of darker choices until they brought out some more shades later after the launch. I’m very privileged to have never worried about not finding my perfect skin tone when using makeup (there are always like 100 different white shades) but even in 2020 not everyone is catered for when it comes to foundations, primers, concealers etc from makeup brands and that just is not acceptable in this day and age. Brands can’t keep treating darker skinned people as an after thought or assume that all black people share the same 5 skin tones or only make their shades later after receiving so many complaints. I know it isn’t my place to speak on this stuff and it may even affect my chance of future brand promotions if they don’t want people to speak honestly about their products (then don’t make bad items and expect people to lie) but if people with voices and audiences don’t speak up for those unheard or unrepresented then they aren’t utilising the great position they’re in. Makeup needs to be accessible and equally available and fitting for everyone from the start!

Next came the Glass Glow Shinelighter crystal clear highlight.

I squeezed some out onto my cheek bones, blended it in with a clean brush and was genuinely shocked at how shiny it was. I was worried as at first it felt slightly sticky but it absorbed and dried fast and reflected light really well, giving a natural dewy kind of shine which I love!

That’s the end of the face makeup products but not the end of the blog post as I now had to clean up. I used the PIXI Beauty makeup remover to see how easy the foundation would be to remove. The answer is – quite easy. Just one swipe and it came away which is great.

The last product I received was the Blendercleanser sponge cleaner.

I took my dirty sponge, ran It under a tap, squirted on some cleanser and squeezed it until the foundation came out.

Unfortunately the sponge still wasn’t completely clean so I filled my skin with warm water, squirted in some cleanser and squeezed the blender in there too. It’s recommended that you let it soak for a few hours but I only left it for a few minutes.

In the end the sponge was cleaner than before but not completely clean as it’s still stained. Maybe if I had let it soak for longer it would have cleaned better but it’s still in a useable condition as it is now.

Overall my favourite products are the Opal Essence primer, 1.50N foundation, sponge and highlighter! The products are Vegan and cruelty Free too which is a double-win in my books. I’m so grateful to have received these products to try for myself and share my thoughts with you all. Have you ever tried the Beautyblender Bounce range and what did you think?

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post,

Best wishes ~ Becca x

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