The Pet Empire Cat Basket

Hi everyone,

*This post contains PR Gifted items*

I am such a huge animal lover and I’m always spoiling my pets so today I wanna tell you about The Pet Empire”  who offer the largest range of luxury design and lifestyle products for your pets, so you can pamper your Cats and Dogs with the latest beds, bowls, collars and more! They have such a huge range of stylish cat beds, litter boxes, scratching furniture, dog pillows and dog toys, there’s so much to choose from! Their products are beautiful and eye-catching so will fit in perfectly with your room, pet furniture doesn’t need to be discreet or hidden away anymore!

Their website states that “We have exclusive partnerships with our suppliers and designers who make splendid, high-quality products. We only work with selected global brands such as Brandodesign, Dandy Cat, District 70, Dogatella, Dogs & Horses, Duepontootto, Halcyon, Labbvenn, Laboni Design, MiaCara, MyKotty, Pet Interiors and SinDesign. All of these renowned brands ensure that you will only find sustainable, unique designer products in our pet store. We are the exclusive dealer of many internationally renowned brands, based in London, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and beyond. All suppliers of The Pet Empire are specialists in the pet industry and produce handmade products of sustainable quality. Professional designers distinguish themselves with their designs and furniture for your favorite pet.” which is great to know and can give you peace of mind about where your furniture is coming from.

The Pet Empire gifted me this Nordic cat basket (which is available in 3 colours), it’s so soft and kept off the ground by 3 wooden legs that easily assemble and attach with the included screws. I have 3 cats and they all love laying in this basket, plus it fits in perfectly with our living room decor! You can buy yours here or check out the Cat section on their website to find more of their cat product options!

If you’re more of a dog person, they have some great products like the Orthopedic dog beds or regular luxury dog beds

Thank you so much to The Pet Empire for the gifted cat basket and I hope you guys will consider them for all your pet product needs!

See you all in the next blog post!

Best wishes ~ Becca x

*This blog post does NOT include a paid AD (only 1 gifted item) nor does it include any Affiliate links*

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